• Claire Germiquet

Becoming Untamed

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Africa - a magical space of boundless beauty, awe-inducing landscapes and uninhibited connection. A space that has inspired individuals and communities alike with its lessons and stories.

Some amazing things are happening in South Africa right now due to lockdown; one golf course near the Kruger National park has had prides of lions, packs of wild dogs and other wildlife entering this cultivated, tamed and meticulously maintained area.

The wild is reclaiming.

It is slowly recovering the spaces that were taken away from them; spaces which were given a new mask, a new set of rules and regulations which the wild could not exist within. Yet, now the fauna and flora of the wilderness are softly making their presence known, and reintroducing themselves to a space formerly known to them but which then became an unrecognisable environment. Slowly there is a reintroducing taking place, and a sense of familiarity being instilled.

What if we looked at this untaming as a lesson to us humans? A beautiful production of how we each can begin to break down our diligently constructed mental fences, to release our ironclad grip on our socially-constructed perceptions?

What if we are being shown how to gently give our True Nature, our essence of love, kindness and compassion, the permission to lower its fences and reclaim and untame our heartscapes once again?

To give ourselves the opportunity to reintroduce ourselves and connect to our heartscapes, letting this loving space lead us on our journeys and not our barricaded, polished mindscapes?

What if we are being gifted the lesson to reclaim our natural, unbounded selves?

To become untamed?

Photo credit @Penny Robartes

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